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Cheil Centrade

Cheil Centrade

Cheil Centrade is a regional marketing agency operating in Southeast Europe and a part of the global Cheil network. The Cheil agency was established in 1973 in Seoul and, in 2018, it was declared the largest agency in that country and the 19th largest in the world since its fifty-three offices ensure its presence on five different continents.

It is Cheil’s importance and superiority in the world of marketing, as well as the fact that Cheil is in charge of promoting Samsung’s products, that makes us incredibly proud of the fact that it decided to put its trust in us.

Cheil Centrade and Alkemist’s fruitful co-operation started in 2016 and we are happy to report that, to our mutual satisfaction, it has been following an upward trajectory ever since. At first, we were in charge of some minor translations and, as Cheil Centrade grew and we earned its trust by providing a high-quality translation service, translation projects also grew larger in scope and more demanding. We started translating texts with various purposes: from marketing and promotional texts to website materials and multilingual user manuals. The projects we manage for Cheil Centrade include translations into all the languages present in the Balkans, which are produced by translators who meet strict criteria when it comes to the knowledge of terminology, which varies depending on the purpose of the materials translated.

In addition to being translated and proofread by native speakers of the target language, which is a part of the standard protocol at our translation agency, this client’s translations undergo adaptation and localization. The point of these procedures is to make sure that any given text sounds natural in the target language and that it complies with all the special demands put forth by the client.

The entire process is made much easier by the fact that everything happens quickly and efficiently. First, the client creates a request in our project management system, Plunet Business Manager, and the request is then safely delivered to our account managers, with special SSL protection. Next, the managers carefully examine the request and plan further steps. Since Cheil Centrade is one of the first clients who recognized all the benefits of using our project management system, we have designed a special workflow that allows Cheil Centrade to actively participate in the process of creating a high-quality end product.

Finally, we would like to emphasize that our agency, as well as Cheil Centrade, consists of young and enthusiastic people, so we are always ready to take on various challenges in our surroundings and come up with new and innovative solutions, always bearing in mind the main goal of our co-operation: a fast, efficient and high-quality translation service that sets us apart in the market.


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