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We will resolve the issue as soon as possible – write to us at jobs@alkemist.si!

At Alkemist, we take deadlines very seriously. When you accept a project, you also agree to the deadline and we expect you to adhere to it. However, we are aware that a lot of things can happen in life – if you realize that you will not be able to deliver the translation on time, please inform the project manager immediately to avoid even greater delays.

Our team of project managers will know if the project is still available. It is best to ask them – send them an e-mail! Please contact the PM team via email.

At Alkemist, we prioritize translations prepared in memoQ as this increases the quality of the process and the consistency of the service. If memoQ cannot be used for a specific project (as an exception), contact the project manager and talk to them about using another tool.

The default sign-in credentials are:

- your username – the e-mail you used for registration in Plunet,
- your password, which is the same as for Plunet.

If these credentials are incorrect, please contact our team of project managers. The default login data is: username = the email you registered in Plunet; pass = the same as for Plunet. If this data is not correct, please contact the PM team.

Follow the basic instructions for using memoQ, which were sent to you during the onboarding process, and you can find further information by clicking on https://helpcenter.memoq.com/hc/en-us. If you encounter a problem that you cannot resolve, contact our team of project managers.

In this case, clear your cookies and cache, then try again. If this does not work, please contact your project manager to resolve the issue.

Check whether you have resolved all QA errors or marked them as false alarms (QA stands for quality assurance). QA errors can be seen next to each segment (memoQweb) and you can also run a full QA review (memoQ editor). In some rare cases, the QA error that prevents you from delivering the file is a false alarm – in this case, mark the task as “Delivered in Plunet” and inform the project manager about the false alarm in the comment.

Please mark them as “Ignored”, which will indicate that you have actually checked them.

This means that multiple translators are translating the same file. Grey segments are assigned to another translator.

We usually approve a project after we deliver it to the client or at the end of the month.

Yes, information about your absence is important to us to ensure the smooth organization of work. We cordially ask you to enter your planned absence into Plunet.

We recommend that you check the TM (translation memory), term base, reference materials, available online resources, etc. If you still cannot find a solution, contact your team of project managers.

We cordially ask you to turn to our Finance Department at administracija@alkemist.si with all questions about payment.

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How much does a translator working with Alkemist earn?

A translator’s income depends on many factors, first and foremost on the language covered and current demand. Choose your primary language to see the approximate monthly income.
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