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Translating legal documents is a job for a specialist, whose attention to detail, accuracy and reliability are beyond question. There is no room for error. Even the slightest deviation from the original text can cost you time, money, and even your head.

To prevent this from happening to you, entrust the translation of your legal documents - be it a court judgment, will, contract or any other document - to our professionally qualified translators.

And don’t worry – the Alkemist Translation Company undertakes to keep all your data confidential.
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Few companies in the world are like Siemens, whose successful operation is driven by a 173-year long tradition and an unstoppable pursuit of innovation. From Werner von Siemens&rsquo...

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Few companies in the world are like Siemens, whose successful operation is driven by a 173-year long tradition and an unstoppable pursuit of innovation. From Werner von Siemens&rsquo...

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We are very pleased with our cooperation with the “Alkemist” company, especially with the quality of translation and particularly with the coherence of long texts (brochures) and the fact that each translation is subject to proofreading. We would especially emphasise their great professionalism in their relations with clients, as well as the speed they render services, which is certainly a very important factor in the business environment today.Highly professional.
The Alkemist Translation Agency is distinguished by its responsiveness, reliability and quality services, with which we are very satisfied.
We hereby confirm that we were very satisfied with the services and the way the Alkemist Translation Company team works. In particular, we recommend them for their responsiveness, reliability, and professional approach, as well as excellent communication and cooperation.
We are very happy with the services you provided. Fast, responsive, on time. Well done!
Alkemist offers quick and professional translations on a high level you can depend upon. They are adaptable and we know we can always rely upon them. We are pleased with their attention and are sure they will maintain the high quality of their services.
We are very satisfied with Alkemist, prevajalske storitve, d.o.o. services in regard to the quality of the translations, as well as the agreed deadlines set for performing the service.
Alkemist Translation Company has proved to be a partner delivering high-quality translations with great precision and always by the agreed deadline. They have established a terminology base for texts intended for internal use only, due to which the translations are terminologically appropriate and consistent, which we, as clients, highly appreciate. They have sufficient capacity to take on extensive and more complex translations, which we occasionally require in a very short space of time. As users, we welcomed the new Plunet file sharing system, which allows us to monitor the progress of the translation at any time. Finally, we would like to commend the friendly and responsive team of project managers.
We have been working with the Alkemist Translation Agency successfully for a number of years. Their main qualities are promptness, professionalism and quality work.
We have been using the services of Alkemist for several years. They are a one-stop shop, providing translations into any language, court certified translations, proofreading... They are fast and flexible, and deliver excellent translations. We are extremely pleased with their services and friendly communication.
It is a pleasure to work with Alkemist. They are always reliable, on time and pleasant to work with.
Alkemist is a responsive and reliable partner. The team of translators quickly mastered the automotive language. They always try to choose the translator who is most at home with the topic at hand.
Our company has often cooperated with the Alkemist Translation Agency and we have discovered time and time again that they offer good and quality services at a good price. They always maintain agreed upon deadlines, allowing the customer uninterrupted and worry-free business dealings with business parties and fulfilment of obligations to others. Thats exactly why we hope and wish that this cooperation continues in the future.
The briefest words of praise describing your work and your efficiency are: fast, precise, correct and accurate.
Professional in every sense!
The response time of the Alkemist company is extremely commendable and fast. The quality of their services is confirmed by the market for there is NEVER any reclamation.
What we like best about the Alkemist agency is that they offer a complete service, not only translation, but also text and graphic design. We especially value their innovative and self-initiating approach in carrying out projects or planning new ones.
In short, we found the answer to our requirements at the Alkemist Translation Agency: reliable, fast and quality services at competitive prices and a professional approach to customers.
The Alkemist Translation Company is distinguished by many advantages that form the foundation of quality service implementation: quick responsiveness, accuracy, in-depth familiarity with the specifics of individual activities and context-based understanding. All of the above is complemented by the friendliness of the entire team.

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