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Last year alone, the Alkemist Translation Company helped its clients translate 100,000 pages.
Native speakers living in the country where the translation will be used will proof and check every line
Quick, professional and reliable translation services
– this is Alkemist.

Want a translation? Please send:

The documents you want translated
The language or languages of the translation
When you need it finished (you know, the deadline - we take those seriously)
Any and all reference documents that you have: similar documents, webpages, previous translations on the same topic, glossaries
As much background information as possible related to the project, such as the target audience, similar projects, webpage…
* We’ll sign an NDA as soon as you contact us. Discretion is an important part of our professional practice.

What level of translation
quality do you need?

To get the exact translation you want, the Alkemist Translation Company gives you the option to choose between different quality levels of translation:


Basic Translation is just that: we translate everything as soon as we can, without proofreading or editing. This is ideal when you need to understand the text as quickly as possible.


Professional Translation is done in three stages: first, translation is done by a specialized translator. After that, proofreading is done by a native speaker of the target language and finally, another reader is there for quality assurance. This works best for publications and specialized documents where accuracy is of crucial importance.


Transcreation is the adaption of text in the target language. It is more than a translation, as it involves rewriting the text in another language in line with the target audience and culture. This is ideal for marketing campaigns and website localisation.


Certified Translations are performed by sworn interpreters and used for certificates, diplomas and other official documents that need to be translated and stamped by a court interpreter.

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When will it be done?
Calculate it yourself:

Alkemist Services
takes place at an average speed of
words per working day.
translations are a bit slower, due to the intricacies of the field, so the recommended speed is
words per working day.
takes the longest, some
words per working day.
are produced at
words per working day.

Do you need a quick translation?

Translators are ready and waiting on the other side of the website, and it will only take you a minute to get them started!

Do you need a more complex service?

If your wishes are more demanding in terms of volume or content, contact us and we can discuss it.

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