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If you have what it takes, our test will not seem too scary – yes, we will test you thoroughly before we start our collaboration! But first, send us your application, filled to the brim with your expertise and experience. Become a part of Alkemist’s esteemed team of linguists!

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Application procedure

Your application

Do you want to become our translator, proofreader or editor, or do you offer any other expertise? If you want to join our excellent team, first impress us with your CV, which you can send to jobs@alkemist.si. You can wrap it in any word packaging you like, but do not forget to list the following:

  • the computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool that you use,
  • your prior experience, relevant to the job you want to perform,
  • your fields of expertise,
  • your level of education (attach a copy of certificates if possible),
  • and any additional qualifications that you have (if e.g., you are a court interpreter).

After you submit your application, we will send you further instructions as soon as possible!

Testing procedure

Test translation

We always throw potential candidates in at the deep end and watch how well, how quickly and how elegantly they can swim. This is absolutely necessary to ensure the top quality of our translation and proofreading services.

We will test you in accordance with the language combinations and specialized fields that you select.

Here are some tips in advance! It is truly important that you deliver your test translation on time and that you proofread it before delivering it. Translations that are delivered late and those that contain basic grammatical errors (typos) will automatically be marked as unsuccessful. Do not offer multiple solutions in your translation, as the expert selection of terminology and translation solutions is a mark of a quality translator in our eyes.

You will have to wait a bit for your results, as your test translation will be reviewed by professional translators, who are also native speakers of the target language, within 2 to 4 weeks. And while it is true that only every eighth candidate successfully passes our very difficult testing process, do not let that discourage you – trust yourself!


Signing the agreement

When you have successfully completed the test, we will contact you, sincerely congratulate you on your victory and invite you to collaborate with us! We will ask you to enter your data into our platform and the system will generate an agreement that you need to sign. After you have signed it, your profile will become active and you can immediately start working with us. :)

Become a part of our team and apply now!

How much does a translator working with Alkemist earn?

A translator’s income depends on many factors, first and foremost on the language covered and current demand. Choose your primary language to see the approximate monthly income.
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