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FOREO is an exciting company with its headquarters in Sweden that manufactures different types of innovative personal care devices (for facial cleansing, toothbrushing, facial massages, etc.).

Our co-operation began in 2015 and we have taken it to a truly special level. Since FOREO needs texts translated into more than 20 languages, the first thing we had to do was to make sure we had enough associates for all the necessary language pairs and this is where our Vendor Manager was of great help.

We established great communication with the client from the very start and we received all the necessary input concerning the desired style, type of communication and target audience, as well as detailed descriptions of the way each individual device works so we could convey that in all the target languages. FOREO grew at the speed of lightning and the need for translations grew with it, which was something that we had to adapt to fairly quickly –not only increasing the number of our associates, but also our knowledge of the ever-growing range of products.

Over time, we and the client saw the need to further systematize our co-operation, so today our support truly goes both ways: on the one hand, by using state-of-the-art project management tools, we provide the client with a simple overview of all orders, while on the other, the client can directly review our translations by connecting to the special translation tool we use to translate all FOREO materials.

In this way, we are not only able to keep our translation memories and term bases fully compliant with the client’s needs and wishes, but also to readily anticipate all changes in the way products are communicated.

We are proud to say that our co-operation with FOREO is a shining example proving that quality communication with the client stands at the foundation of all good translations.


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