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Few companies in the world are like Siemens, whose successful operation is driven by a 173-year long tradition and an unstoppable pursuit of innovation. From Werner von Siemens’ onward and far-reaching ideas that were ahead of his time even back in 1847, Siemens has grown into a leader in the global electronics and electrical engineering market.

Siemens has been present in the Serbian market for 133 years, more precisely since 1887, when it participated in the pioneering efforts for the electrification of Serbia.

The first steps Alkemist made in Serbia completely reflect Siemens. We believe that from the very first moment of our cooperation, this company has shown us how to go one step at a time on a daily basis and what level of service we intend to provide to other world-class companies.

Collaboration with Siemens Beograd began in 2008, giving us ever-greater confidence from project to project bearing in mind that they included our business in their windmill generator factory in Subotica, as well as in other sister-companies, such as Siemens Healthcare d.o.o. Beograd, Siemens Mobility d.o.o. Cerovac and Siemens Gas and Power d.o.o. Beograd.

In cooperation with the Institute of Contemporary History from Belgrade, Siemens Srbija elaborated the monograph “A Step Ahead of Time - 125 Years of Siemens in Serbia”. The highly illustrated monograph based on historical facts depicts a longstanding partnership between the Serbian economy and Siemens, dating back to the 19th century, when the brand name Siemens first appeared in Serbia.

We are especially proud that Siemens has given us trust and that we have been part of this very challenging project. The project required a close collaboration between Siemens employees and our colleagues, since it was the only way to mutually understand the true value of the monograph and the history of Siemens itself. The monograph was publicly read in Serbian by expert proofreaders of the Serbian language, who sought to convey the message of each sentence, shape it in the right way and emphasize the value of each written word. A team of seven people participated in the monograph translation project into English: translators, project leaders and proofreaders/native speakers, and only after a multiple revisions in collaboration with Siemens the team made the decision that the monograph was ready to go public. https://www.siemens.rs/portal/onama/125-godina/

Today, the collaboration with Siemens is comprehensive, built on solid ground, and ready to continue to embrace their business operations. We always look forward to their successful missions and to respond to all their needs and hope this collaboration will grow into a lifetime partnership... Their recommendation has enabled us to achieve cooperation with Siemens in Austria and Germany, as well as with many other companies aware that Siemens values and appreciates only the best.

Thank you for your twelve years of trust!

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