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A well-oiled translation machine

Translating enormous amounts of texts whilst at the same time maintaining high quality – how can we achieve both of these things? Alkemist’s system combines both goals effectively, as evidenced by our client satisfaction and our business results – so far, we have translated more than 950 million units of text for over 65,000 clients across the world, and satisfactorily completed projects in 98.8% of cases.

Are you eager to learn more about our Perpetuum Translatile translation machine that never stops?

The roadmap for your translation

Before starting any new project, we gear up with the tools that will help us reach the goal in the most efficient way. We equip ourselves with a terminological and stylistic framework that guides and unifies the translation of your texts: we gather glossaries and style guides for your company or if you do not have any, we help you collect key terms and relevant sources.

Assigned to the right translator

Alkemist’s system knows who is especially qualified for your specific area of expertise and automatically assigns the translation to the most suitable translator. Depending on the translation quality level selected, the translator receives priority access, preferential translator status, and test results for each individual project.


Stay in contact with the translator

When the translation process starts, you can stay in direct contact with the translator and guide them so that the translations meet your needs. You can also add images or videos to provide a richer context. This flexible, functionally rich, and consistent work process is made possible by the memoQ software and TMS platform (Plunet), which is where all translations are completed.

Automatic quality assurance

An internal defence line against errors is active throughout the translation process: an automatic QA system that monitors the translation in progress. When the system detects an issue, it suggests possible corrections, e.g., different spelling, a changed number, or the consistent use of code elements, tags, or terms from the glossary.

Double review option

For additional finesse and a thorough re-review of the translation, we offer you the option of a second review. An independent translator carefully checks everything and pays special attention to the naturalness of the target language and compliance with your translation rules.


Your final approval

When the work is completed in line with your instructions and our internal standards, we will gladly send you the final translation for your approval!

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